Reliant Public Relations provides an editing service that is second-to-none.  We pride ourselves in being one of the best editing services available.  Ascot utilizes various editing styles, depending on the type of project we are currently working on.  We utilize the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word� that enables all changes made on a revision of an original document to be accepted with the click of a button.  This eliminates having to cross-check the original piece with the revised and corrected piece, and therefore avoids the possibility of missing a change that had been made.

Depending on the particular editing assignment, we also use the traditional editing style that utilizes the highlighting feature in Microsoft Word� and clearly and visually distinguishes errors and/or suggestions.  This style works well for clients who primarily use our service to identify mistakes they have made, and to learn from their mistakes and minimize grammatical errors in the future.

At Reliant Public Relations, we pride ourselves on the ability to not only spot grammatical and punctuation errors while the work is being proofed, but we have a real understanding of how the word(s) are being used and in what context, since this would not ordinarily be identified by traditional editing programs.  We are that thorough!

Reliant Public Relations understands, for example, that when a manuscript is presented to a publisher or literary agent, he/she wants to see a completed work.  They want to look at work that has been refined and is ready to go to print, as is.  Publishers will not even bother to read a manuscript that is full of grammatical or spelling errors.  This is where the services offered by Reliant Public Relations are priceless.

No editing job is too large or too small for Reliant Public Relations.  Listed here are a few samples of the various types of editing projects we handle:

  • Final of Manuscript for submission to publisher: Fiction or Non-Fiction
  • Manuscripts in the drafting stage
  • Research documents
  • Thesis drafts
  • Corporate Annual Reports
  • Corporate News Bulletins
  • School Essays

Reliant Public Relations utilizes the most innovative tools available today to provide a highly superior product to its clients.

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